3 Strategies to Grow Nutrient Dense Produce Webinar

Learn What it Takes to Grow a Successful Garden

I invite you to explore a better way to grow food, a way that is designed to only take 15 minutes a day to take care of and produces twice as much food in half the space. See our results that we have gotten from our demonstration garden. This webinar will begin to teach you how to do the same. Watch our free webinar series on Abundance Gardening: Nutrient Dense Produce from Your High Performance Garden!


// Webinar Viewer

You have stolen my heart! I’m SO excited! I am in the health and wellness industry, and focus on teaching people how to eat! We talk a great deal about nutrition at the cellular level! I am SO excited to learn more from you! SO EMPOWERING and I know this will help me be a better coach and leader!


// Gardener

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for! I failed miserably at my first garden last summer, so I’m looking forward to see how your method will fit with my garden goals. I’m looking to get the highest nutrient density produce that I can to feed my family and reduce our grocery bills. I’ll be waiting eagerly for the next video link!

Dave + Sandra

// Webinar Viewer

Your presentation is perfect. Don’t change a thing. I am not a gardener and have had minimal success with my gardening endeavors. This is exactly what I need a nice patient presentation of the science of gardening. Keep up the good work and take your time and enjoy the organic process of creating videos.

The 3 Strategies Organic Gardeners Use to Grow Highly Nutrient Dense Produce

Love the idea of growing your own food?

Want to be in control of what you are feeding yourself and family?

Tired of guessing if the produce you buy has been grown with chemical fertilizers and spray or was picked before it ripeness?

Want to grow your own food but just don’t know how or think it is too hard?


In this series I am excited to share with you…

  • How to tell if the produce you are eating and feeding your family is nutritious and why this is important
  • Why growing your own food will put you in control of your health destiny
  • How you can use the gifts of Mother Nature to boost the nutritional value and taste of the food you grow yourself
  • How you can easily learn to garden completely  organically and in the process, preserve your health and the health of the environment
  • How you can learn to grow twice as much food in half the space and How to have a weed free garden in the process!
  • And ultimately- How to take the “hard” out of gardening.

Over this 3 part webinar series, I’m going to introduce you to a revolutionary gardening system, one designed for today’s busy families. I’m going to share with you my professional secrets that I have learned and used in my organic farm that make growing produce easy and successful.  I’m going to show you how this works for everyone from backyard gardeners, to beginners and even  seasoned gardeners.

Hope you will join us!

Lynn Gillespie,

Professional Organic Farmer for 27 years