Adventure in the Garden - Garden Gift 04

The fourth gift my garden has given me is adventure. After decades of growing a High Performance Garden, there have never been 2 days alike. Each day is filled with a new adventure. There are days of triumph and days of tragedy. No matter what is happing in the garden, it always instills a sense of wonderment. The garden is a tiny world unto itself and when you pay attention, there are new adventures every day. So, go and get your garden started so you can have an adventure too! 

To avoid the misadventures that can come with a weed-filled difficult garden you might want a little guidance. To ensure that the majority of your garden adventures are positive ones, sign up for the free High Performance Garden Show. This “real time” garden show follows the 2016 growing season in a High Performance Garden. This weed free, productive and easy garden system has been quite the adventure to develop. Today, it is everything I could have ever hoped for!

Start watching an episode, look at the planting guide to see how you can start your garden adventure or connect with other High Performance Gardeners today by signing up for the free garden show today!

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I cannot wait to see you there.

In the meantime, what gifts besides produce is your garden giving you? Share your latest garden gift or adventure with the hashtag #GardenGiftChallenge to spread the word of how gardening can change your life.

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,


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