Contribution in the Organic Garden – Garden Gift 15

The garden has taught me the gift of contribution. It is so rewarding to be able to contribute to other people’s lives by giving them food and empowering them to better understand how to co-create gardens. My garden gives to me so that I can give to others.


When you are outdoors among your plants, there are times when you feel like the garden is taking more than truly giving you its best contribution. Those are the days in the garden when it is important to not give up but to give the garden exactly what it needs.


This begins by first contributing to the natural soil food web, this is the basis of success in every garden. When you contribute to nature's systems in this way, you will see a massive return, not only in your garden but in your environment as well.

To understand how this works, you will need to have a small understanding of the soil food web. Plants take in sunlight and create carbohydrates and proteins, some of this is excreted through the roots. Bacteria and fungi are attracted to the plant's root systems to eat these nutrients.

Those bacteria and fungi are eaten by protozoa and nematodes. The nutrients that the bacteria and fungi no longer need are given back as nutrients for the plants. The protozoa and nematodes are eaten by spiders, moths, flies, grasshoppers, butterflies and other insects, which then are eaten by birds, toads, and other larger organisms.

This delicate structure supplies all of the 17 key nutrients that a plant needs directly to the plant. I create this in my gardens by following nature’s lead making a soil with plenty of organic matter, that drains easily while retaining moisture, this allows my plants to thrive.

When you make this contribution to the garden soil, these are just some of the benefits from good soil –

It will stimulate healthy root development which allows the plant to transport more nutrients to the vegetables.
It will feed your plants automatically so that they get what they need when they need it.
It will support good microbes and bugs, which will keep the pests that harm your plants under control and will also take care of most common plant diseases.
It will hold more water and more air so that the plant roots can be healthier.
It can help a plant survive drought conditions.
It houses the microbes that will break down minerals found in natural soil that are not found in the chemical fertilizers, which enhance the flavors of our foods and create nutrient dense foods.
Will reduce or virtually eliminate the need for gardening tools! Especially the rototiller.
These are just some of the physical contributions the soil will make to your garden. I have learned many things from this beautiful system that is a part of the garden. If you are interested in contributing to your soil and receiving the rewards from a successful garden, watch the free garden show at – 

Don’t forget to invite your friends, I would love to share the contributions that the garden has given me with the world. Everyone deserves to enjoy the best quality produce from an easy and productive garden.

I look forward to having you as a part of the garden show. Until then, may your garden be easy, fun, productive, and always organic,