Experiencing Gratitude in the Garden - Garden Gift 11

A gift that the garden gives is gratitude. In the garden, there are many experiences that teach you a deep sense of gratitude, such as the chance to co-create with nature or experience huge harvests. Each harvest of tomatoes, rainfall, or beneficial insect experienced in the garden is another chance at experiencing gratitude.


Today, many people fall into just doing busy work, instead, I get to witness new life and taste its sweet nectars. The burden of weeds, pests, and disease doesn’t weigh me down in the garden, and I have so much gratitude because of it. The gardens on the farm have come a long way from the long rows filled with weeds in the beginning. In the demonstration garden, I have never broken a sweat or gotten a blister, and each harvest has been incredible. All of this is possible, thanks to the High Performance Garden System.


Beyond what the garden has produced for me, I experience the most gratitude because of all that it produces for my High Performance Garden students. This garden system has given so many people the best gardening experience they have ever had. In the High Performance Garden Show, gardeners and non-gardeners are getting a taste of what this garden can be like, for free. The easy to follow tutorials and tracking alongside the gardens progress have been inspiring to many people. I am grateful that this garden system allows people who wouldn’t normally be able to grow a garden, free to grow as much produce as they would like! Now, that is something to be proud of, reconnecting people with the soil and the gardening process.

Would you like to experience the same kind of gratitude in your garden? You can begin to learn how to create your own weed free, productive, and organic garden today, by enrolling in the Abundance Garden Course. This online video course will teach you how to develop this garden in one season.

Many people ask if this system will work in their area. The High Performance Garden relies on a new soil food web free of weed seeds, intensive planting techniques, and organic pest control measures. These basics are then adapted to your area's specific needs. As your garden coach, we will address the differences in your climate to create a garden that is super productive.

Are you ready to learn more about the Abundance Garden? Read more about the course or watch the introduction video by clicking on the hyperlink above.

 In the meantime, if it’s not quite time to grow a garden, or if you are in the area and would like to see the High Performance Garden in person, come and get a farm tour! It would be an honor to have you out to visit the farm. We will be open until October 31st for the tours, so make sure to come out as soon as you get the chance!

Until next time, may you experience gratitude in the garden,