Learning Wisdom in the Organic Garden – Garden Gift 13

The garden has taught me wisdom in ways that no other teacher ever could hope to. The garden teaches me to pay attention to nature’s cycles and patterns for growing plants. Each day there is new growth to revel in and a new problem to solve. By being patient with the growth in the garden and allow for the garden to teach you its lessons is where you begin to learn true wisdom. This wisdom comes from being observant of the garden and its needs and meeting them. This kind of wisdom is taught by a teacher that is kind, unbending, honest, and patient the garden is truly a magical place to grow.   There are types of gardens that do not embrace the natural wisdom that comes with being observant. These gardens rely on chemical cocktails to allow them to flourish, there is a certain beauty in being able to work alongside mother nature when growing your food. By embracing nature’s wisdom when it comes to growing plants, we know that organic matter, not disturbing the soil food web, and not pouring pesticides on the garden that we will produce larger harvests that are safe for the environment. Wisdom Garden Lesson Would you like to learn how to grow this type of garden? Our High Performance Garden Systems have been discovered on the farm over decades of exploring the gardens. We want to see a garden in everyone’s backyard that’s why we created the educational outreach programs. You can experience the benefits of this garden, starting this growing season by enrolling in the Leafy Greens, Abundance Garden or the free High Performance Garden Show. Forget about the poor soil conditions, overwhelming gardening chores and limited growing space you might have. These gardens are easy, fun, productive and always organic no matter the growing area.

Are you ready to discover all of the wisdom that the garden has to offer? Start growing a garden, no matter how small it is to begin exploring all the lessons the garden has for you. Join the Garden Show for gardening tips and community. Once you have signed up, share the show with 3 other people who want to reconnect with nature. They will thank you later once they have begun to grow a garden that is full of incredible produce and in harmony with nature.

I look forward to seeing you and your friends in the High Performance Garden Show. Until then, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,


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