Peace in the Weed Free Organic Garden - Garden Gift 12

The 12th gift my garden gives me is peace.  My garden is weed free, just the right size, it produces an abundance of nutrient-dense organic vegetables, thanks to the High Performance Garden Systems. This garden looks amazing and is a joy to work in, sit in, and observe.  My garden gives me peace and tranquility not to mention a delicious dinner.

This peace is something that I actively sought while developing the many High Performance Gardens on the farm. There are the cinder block gardens, the strawberry towers and outdoor straw gardens that make up the 20,000 square foot growing space. Each of these unique growing methods on the farm is easy to maintain, require little to no weeding, they are productive and completely organic. I am at peace because each of these systems works together with nature and not against like many other farming/gardening systems.


Peace can be elusive in a garden that is treated with non-organic pesticides or fertilizers. You might ask yourself what the repercussions will be in your environment or your family. You can grow a productive garden without these harmful chemicals that can destroy a healthy soil food web that recaptures the carbon in the atmosphere. An organic garden doesn’t have to be difficult, or unproductive. On the farm, our goal is to make this easy gardening system more available to everyone.

To begin learning a High Performance Garden system, you don’t need previous gardening experience. You can come alongside the farm and begin learning the ropes easily with the free Garden Show. This 33-week long garden show, you will follow the favorite High Performance Garden on the farm, the Abundance Garden. This full-size garden is super productive and compact, it’s just 128 square feet and in the years before it has produced 743 pounds of produce!

If you would like the support to grow an easy garden, it might be high time to join a community. The Leafy Greens Container Garden Course is an easy small High Performance Garden that is a great way to get started. This small container garden can go on your driveway, porch, and even rooftop easily! This community has access to me for all of their gardening questions.

The basics of a High Performance Garden System can be replicated in every region that grass grows, once those are in place, together we can tweak it to fit your climate perfectly. Come and join the students by signing up for the free Garden show or enrolling in the Leafy Greens Container Garden Course.  Join a community and learn what you need to grow a garden that doesn’t have the difficulties of the old weed filled growing systems.

Are you looking for peace in the garden? I hope that the High Performance Garden Show or the Leafy Greens Container Garden Course are helpful to you in your journey towards a peaceful garden.

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,