Sharing the Garden's Bounty - Garden Gift 17

Sharing the garden’s bounty is one of the greatest lessons my garden has taught me. In my gardens I have no choice but to share, there is always more than my family could ever eat. This natural joy that comes from the garden is the greatest gift it can give, because ultimately, this sharing will inspire new gardeners.

I cannot tell you how many times sharing a fresh picked tomato inspired a friend to start growing their own garden. You and I both know the great power that comes from growing your own garden. The freedom from the grocery store, the lower impact on the environment, and the increased nutrition in your diet are only a few of the benefits, and sharing your garden with others is the best way to inspire others to go for it!

So, why does sharing garden produce work so well to inspire new gardeners? I would like to think it is because of incredible flavor that only a garden can produce.


This flavor in the produce comes from trace minerals in the soil. How do you add these to your garden beds? When I am adding nutrients to the soil I am looking for more than just those trace minerals. I am also looking for a product that will add – mycorrhizal fungi, beneficial microbes, micro and macro nutrients, and finally, trace minerals.

The base of my garden food is always my farm’s compost. This is essential to feeding the garden as it will have plenty of micro and macro nutrients and beneficial microbes. The other piece was finding something that would further inoculate my soil with mycorrhizal fungi and that contained trace minerals.

Happy Frog Fruit and Flower Fertilizer was the product of choice. It is a living organic fertilizer that my plants adore! This feed base goes into all of our soil mixes and is fed to the plants on a schedule throughout the season depending on the plant’s needs.

If you would like to boost the flavor of your produce and grow even more delicious veggies in a small space, I would love to share the High-Performance Garden Show. This garden gift is only one of the tips and techniques that I am sharing in this real time show!

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Speaking of sharing, I would also appreciate sharing the farm with you in person. Come and visit the gardens, farm animals, and fields today. It would be such a joy to meet you.

Keep on sharing your produce! Please tell me about one of the ways that sharing has inspired a friend or family member to garden in the comments below. It would be great to hear your stories of success.

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive, and always organic,