The Abundance My Garden Gives Me – Garden Gift 14

My garden has so much abundance to offer me. After 29 years of questions, failures, and successes my garden has become the abundance giving space that I have worked for. By paying close attention to nature’s rhythms, I know what makes the garden succeed. The basic techniques that make a garden produce an abundance are a healthy soil food web, container gardens, and organic methods. On the farm, we have combined these three techniques alongside professional gardening skills to create the High Performance Garden System.   Our favorite High Performance Garden, was named the Abundance Garden because of the incredible abundance it produced per square foot. We average 5 pounds of produce per square foot, while the national average is ½ a pound per square foot! The secret to having an abundance garden is a little practice and for us, that meant plenty of failures! Abundance Garden Gift Quote My gardens have seen plenty of failure in the early days. From pests wiping out crops, to the exhaustion that came with rototilling. I didn’t have time to pour into weeding all of the 20,000 square feet of garden space on the farm in an old fashioned system. I would never get everything done then! So, after testing out many different types of mulch materials, garden bed materials, soil mixes and so many other techniques, I feel that I have settled upon a basic system that can be replicated everywhere a garden can be grown. After the decades of testing and learning from my mistakes in the garden, I would like to help you speed through the process. There is no reason to go so long without a garden that produces the abundance that you desire. The free High Performance Garden Show is a great place to begin learning the skills necessary in an abundant garden. The free bonus guide – What to Plant When, is extremely helpful to new gardeners! If you would like to build your garden quickly, the Abundance Garden Course is the best way to begin your High Performance Garden. Get the soil recipe, professional techniques and new findings from me to build the garden of your dreams. If you are interested in growing a garden like the one you see in the High Performance Garden Show in one season, this is the course for you. Garden mastery comes from years of learning.  I can give you a jump start on your mastery by sharing with you the 29 years of experience, failures, and successes in growing organic nutrient dense foods. Will you join me in this community effort? I would love to see you there! Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic, Lynn Abundance Pinterest