The Fifth Gift My Garden Gave Me

The 5th gift my garden has given me is beauty. Every single day the garden radiates beauty. Some of my favorite garden scenes are the dew drops on the edges of the leaves, the perfect spiral in the center of the lettuce plants, the geometry of a spider web and the perfection of a newly opened squash blossom with its brilliance and open invitation to the passing honey bee.

Each day in the garden is a new day of co-creating beauty alongside my garden. There are often so many surprises that these gardens have to offer. Because I am working in harmony with nature the majority of gardening frustrations melt away, leaving me in peace to take the time to smell the roses.

The beauty of a High Performance Garden is astounding. The best part of these gardens are the smiles on the gardeners faces.

Would you like to join me in growing a beautiful garden in your backyard? The High Performance Garden Show is an excellent place to start. This free 33-week garden show follows an entire growing season in the garden. We will stop to observe the beauty the garden provides us throughout each 30-minute show.

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I look forward to sharing the garden’s beauty with you.

Until then, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,