The Power an Organic Garden Can Have on Climate Change – Garden Gift 18

The eighteenth gift the garden has given me is power. There is a deep satisfaction you enjoy when you have the power to grow your own food. No longer are you captive of grocery stores and our broken food systems, you have the power to create your own food! The way we grow our food can do so much more than just give us a newfound sense of power. It can also fix global warming.   You have heard me speak about the soil food web many times in the garden show and on the blog. In our soil, there are microbes that work in relationship with the plants when this system is working well it can create a world with cleaner air and water, healthier plants, and moderate water flow. In recent studies, it has been found that not only can the entire world be fed organic food, but that by doing this we could reverse the effects of global warming. Power Garden Quote A healthy soil food web will contain carbon. The majority of this necessary component of the soil is now found in the atmosphere, creating the greenhouse effect. A great solution is to begin sequestering this carbon in the atmosphere and placing it back in the soil.  That’s how organic gardening can save the planet. In an article by Graeme Sait, “The Soil Solution”, he wrote, “The number of carbon molecules present on our planet has remained constant since the dawn of time. This carbon is either stored in the soil as humus, the carbon-based life forms (like microbes) or the atmosphere as CO2, and it cycles between these three.” The way that we can recapture this carbon back into the soil is to build gardens that work towards building organic matter in the soil that is stable (like compost). By placing 6” of organic matter in all soil, we could reduce the impact of global warming on our climate by 30%. Organic gardening is just one of the many solutions to creating a better planet for all. A recent Rodale Institute study found that if farmers used these organic carbon sequestering practices on the planet’s 3.5 billion acres of croplands and 9 billion acres of pasture, with average results, agriculture would sequester about 58 billion tons of carbon dioxide each year, an amount greater than the 52 billion tons we annually emit. The study showed that we could see a reversal of climate change through organic gardens alone!

You And I Both Know That A Future Of No Tilling Farms Will Take Some Time

That doesn’t mean that you and I cannot begin to make this planet a better place for the future. By not only choosing with your fork but also growing some of your own produce in an organic, carbon sequestering garden, you are participating in making the world a better place. This is the ultimate sense of power that your garden can give you. Knowing that you, your family, and your environment is bettered by what you create in your backyard. My organic gardens, grown in a High-Performance System, are a safe place for my children, pets, and wildlife. The gardens on my farm produce the most nutritious food imaginable because they are grown in a healthy soil food web. This High-Performance Garden System allows nature to do its thing when growing food.

Today, You Have The Opportunity To Enjoy the Power a Garden Can Give You

If you are ready to begin a journey towards a garden that gives you this kind of power then watch the free High-Performance Garden Show. There is so much to learn about weed free, productive, and organic gardening. If you would like to take control of your garden’s potential today, I would recommend the Abundance Garden Course. This online course has all of the details and recipes to develop a 128 square foot garden that can produce $2,560 in just one season. Are you ready to start gardening? I would love to help you every step of the way! Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive, and always organic, Lynn Power Garden Pinterest