The Second Gift My Garden Gave Me


After 29 years of growing in a garden, I have been given so many gifts from the garden. Not all of them are delicious produce! There are exciting discoveries and lessons to be learned in the garden. Today for the #GardenGiftChallenge the second gift my garden gave me was thoughtfulness.

After asking the question of how to make the garden easier, more productive and take less time, I started thinking, researching, processing and planning.  After some thoughtfulness, I was now ready to try a new style of gardening that showed more promise of easiness, higher yields and time savings.  This is when we built our first raised beds and tried some soil amendments. By paying attention to the garden and adapting and refining our systems, the High Performance Garden began.

You can follow this unique weed free garden system in the free High Performance Garden Show. This is my farm’s educational outreach! Watch now at –

Enjoy the show!