The Third Gift My Garden Gave Me - Commitment

The 3rd gift my garden has given me is commitment. In the Garden Gift Challenge, I am rediscovering all of the gifts my garden has given me, that go above and beyond just the gift of produce. Plants, pets, and children need us to stay committed to them through thick and thin. We need to be there for their every need to ensure that they blossom to their fullest potential. To reach the reward at the end of the garden season we need to have a commitment to tend to the plants needs. When we are committed to our garden's well being then the garden rewards us with a bounty of amazing food. How are you embracing the gift of commitment in the garden? 

In the garden this year, I am committed to growing $2,990 in a 128 square foot garden. This commitment has already been rewarded with endless amounts of produce, and the growing season isn’t even over yet! I have confidence that by the end of the High Performance Garden Show that the goal will be met!

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What gifts beyond produce is your garden giving you? I would love to hear all about it! Tell us in the comments below or tag your post with #GardenGiftChallenge. Let’s spread the gifts our gardens give the world.

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic

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