The Wealth My Garden Has Grown for Me – Garden Gift 20

One of the gifts my garden has given me is wealth. Having the chance to eat super nutrient dense produce that costs just pennies a day is priceless! This isn’t a monetary wealth, but a wealth in food security. (Did you know that there is only 3 days’ worth of food in the average grocery store? If the trucks were ever to stop rolling the store would be out of food in just a few days.)   I would say that most of us grow a garden for more than just this wealth that can be had from the garden. I garden because I enjoy seeing the plants grow and I enjoy the amazing foods and health benefits. I don’t like to go to the doctor or pay medical bills so I eat my homegrown nutrient dense organic produce. I grow a garden because I love the taste and the satisfaction of creation. Even after decades of gardening I still come home excited eager to show my family what vegetables I grew. The wonder and amazement is still there. I also grow for the thrill of seeing life’s creation, one of the perks of a garden is the money savings.

The grocery store is optional for my family. I estimate that I save over $5000 per year just on vegetables. I also like to know that I can feed my family all year from my garden and what I preserve for the winter. It is such a rich feeling to walk into my pantry that is filled with jars of food that I have created for us to eat all year. I plan my garden so that I can cellar, dehydrate, freeze or can the extra food for the rest year. The world is changing and many people are feeling the urge to save money. The wealth that can be had in the garden can feel so far away because most people don’t know where to begin. Many who are taught to garden, are taught by the people who are also struggling and they learn only to struggle in their own garden. I grew up in this very garden system, you don’t get the chance to enjoy the wealth of the garden, most of the time you are too busy pouring in supplements or precious time to make it work!

By learning a little planning, how to identify problems before they destroy a crop, and some simple organic pest control measures, you can grow a wealthy garden. The best way to begin this type of garden is to join up with someone else who is having success in their garden.

You can join me in the free High Performance Garden Show to learn easy succession planting tips and organic growing methods! Will this year be the year that your garden produces a wealth of produce? I believe that it can be! Join me for the final parts of the garden show today, you won’t want to miss out!

Until next time, may your garden be easy, fun, productive, and always organic,