True Gardening - Garden Gift 9

One of the many gifts my garden gives me is that it is true. When I am in my garden there is no cheating allowed. A plant cannot be hurried, coerced or tricked into creation. The reason that my gardens are weed free, productive and easy is because they are grown in nature’s true growing system. 

True Gardening in the High Performance Garden Show - 

Each plant works in harmony with the soil food web created for them. There is never a non-organic, harmful pesticide or fertilizer introduced.  If you are not true to your plants if you try to cheat them or trick them the will not create for you.  Their rules, their timetables; we are just the caregivers.


By feeding the garden on a schedule with compost and an organic mineral-rich fertilizer, we will begin to see our plants work in harmony with the soil. This is even more rewarding when there are no weed seeds to speak of because you built your soil in a raised bed. By then, inoculating the bed with worms we can see a healthy ecosystem emerge that is true to nature’s own systems, but without the competition of unwanted plants!

As a caregiver for the life in the garden, you will find plenty of wildlife attracted to the blooming ecosystem. I often find toads, garter snakes, and birds in the garden! A garden is a place to easily be rejuvenated, both from the food and the peace found in the garden!

There are growing systems that don’t encourage this life like in a traditional garden harmful chemicals that interrupt nature’s systems and force the plant to rely on its next nutrition fix. In a High Performance Garden System, you nurture the plants and the natural growing system already there. Would you like to see one of these weed free gardens in action? Watch the free High Performance Garden Show to see what a High Performance Garden can produce in just 1 season.

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Until then, may your garden be easy, fun, productive and always organic,